A boathouse in Melbourne inspired by the natural environment

Theme                                  Boathouse by the Yarra River – Boat hiring & restaurant
Location                               Yarra Bend Park, Melbourne, Australia
Semester                             5th semester of bachelor’s (study abroad semester project)
Year                                       Autumn  2017
Group/Individual                Individual project
Project Description
For my semester abroad, I studied at Melbourne University and chose the ‘Architecture Design Studio – Water’ as my design project course. Here the task was to design a boathouse close to the Yarra River running through Melbourne. The design of the boathouse was built upon the inspiration of the surroundings, as well as the connection and movement between the indoor and outdoor, and between the boathouse’s different functions both in the private and public.  


The concept is developed upon the five points in Kevin Lynche’s urban analysis method. In this project, it is used in a new way, by defining the ‘districts’ (functions) in the Boat House; the ‘paths’ (connections) between these functions; the ‘edge’ of the building; the ‘nodes’ meaning the points you will pass; and the ‘landmarks’ which is the important points in the building. Upon this, the shape and layout of the building could be sketched.

The three levels with room indication


Renders of the final design

The big window towards the river in the restaurant is inspired by the eucalyptus trees surrounding the building. 

Physical Model – Built in 1:100

To show the spatiality inside the building and the outer building form, I built a small physical model of the Boat House for  my final presentation.