The new Aalborg Theater

A multifunctional building in a new culture mecca

Theme                                  Theater & multifunctional building
Location                               Cloud City, Aalborg West, Denmark
Semester                             6th semester of bachelor’s (Final bachelor project)
Year                                       Spring 2018
Group/Individual                Group project
Project Description
At the moment, a new cultural mecca, Cloud City, is being developed in West Aalborg at the old site for the distillery, ‘Spritfabrikken’. This includes building the Aalborg Theater as a continuation of the historical malt house, preserved at the site. A design we focused on in our final bachelor project.
The vision worked with connection and movement in combination with the idea about a theater is like a machine; producing living art on the stage. A production starting in the workshops, working throughout the rehearsal facilities, and towards the stage where the magic between audience and actors occur. Therefore, the movement and connection between the functions inside the theater is important for the machine to work properly.

The six levels with room indication

Elevations – South & West

Internal Design

The design of the layout of the functions both on the inside and outside of the building, was an iterative process, where multiple options were tested. The final plan solution worked with a good flow between the functions and included both culturally and multifunctionally aspects. This was a process I especially took part in, where I also focused on integrating the construction and ventilation, to fulfill those aspects in the design as well. 

Diagram of the outdoor walkway, beginning next to the entrance of the building; continuing to the different smaller terraces; and ending on the northern roof balcony. 

One example of how a synthesis between construction, ventilation and design had turned out, is the spatial elements, the columns, in the foyer. They were both used as part of the load-bearing structure, and to hide the ventilation pipes, having an inlet of fresh air in the bottom.  

Renders of the final design (made in the group)

Physical Model – Built in 1:200

As part of any of our major project’s final presentation, we are building a model of the final design. With the use of a lasercutter, all the small pieces are cut and afterwards assembled. This is something I often is responsible for.