Sustainable living, coming together

Theme                                  Sustainable residential complex
Location                               Limfjord Shipyard, Aalborg West, Denmark
Semester                             1st semester of master’s (Semester project)
Year                                       Autumn 2018
Group/Individual                Group project
Project Description
In 2002, an era ended for the more than 50 year old Limfjord Shipyard, located in the western harbour area of Aalborg. Today the site has been opened for the public and a living complex has been planned to be built within the next few years. This project aimed to design a new sustainable living complex at this site. 
With our hearts in the social sustainability, the vision for the design proposal dealed with the idea about social living. An idea about different age groups living close together in living groups and sharing facilities like kitchen, living room, etc., but still keep their private space with their own apartments. Creating several collectives which together creates the new community, Fjord Collective. 

Living Groups

The concept of the design proposal deals with the idea of living groups where two children families, two seniors and three students are living together in one living group, sharing a common kitchen and living room, while still having their own private apartment. Additional facilities are then shared between several living groups. 

Social Living

In the Fjord Collective community you will give little to be part of the society, but in return you will recieve a lot more in form of more time, money and energy. The social living concept relates, furthermore, to the suburban lifestyle. 

The building layout

The Fjord Collective consists of three buildings surrounding the heart of the community, the semi-public courtyard. The three buildings contain in total eight living groups (three in North, three in West and two in South) as well as some public facilities in the South Collective. 

The building shape originates from an urban block; split up for access. The displacements make the building relate to the human scale and the suburban feeling and building typology, by being one big complex of several small “houses”. Furthermore, the pitched roofs creates a relation to the maritime context. 

Zoning of the Fjord Collective – Apartments and Public Facilities

The layout of two common rooms and the shared facilities between the two. 

The layout of the three types of apartments; senior, student and family. 

Technical Solutions

Renders of the final design (made in the group)

Physical Model – Built in 1:100

For our final presentation we made a section model of our design proposal in 1:100, to show the location of the three buildings according to each other as well as to the courtyard.