Katarina Jonsen

Engineer & Architect

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About me

My name is Katarina Anna Jonsen, and I am currently a student in a Master of Science program in Architecture at Aalborg University. I am from a small town called Børkop near Vejle, but decided four years ago to follow my dream and move to Aalborg to study architecture. 
I have always had a passion for architecture, and the idea about forming buildings that will make an impact on other people. Move away from the rectangular boxes, and instead play with the organic and complex shapes in a tectonic and experimental design. I love to push and play with the limits, e.g. according to the forces of nature, and if something seems impossible I would see it as a guideline and inspiration for me to keep working instead of being an obstacle. This is definitely seen in the ideas I get during projects, which often stand out by being more dynamic and expressive. 
But to let the designs I desire be made possible, it is also important to have the necessary knowledge about construction. I always seek out new literacy about structure and materials, to make sure I can create a tectonic design where both structure, techniques, materials and form interact. 
By nature I have always been a very accommodating and easy-going person, which makes me able to work well with other people. Furthermore, both my education at HTX and Aalborg University have given me great experiences and competences within group- and
 project work, as both educations are very project based.